• Features of a rolling jack for 3 tons

    A sliding (hydraulic) jack is the equipment that most car owners use. The tool has a design that smoothly raises the machine to a certain height, creating suitable conditions for wheel replacement. To get more tips, please read: best floor jack


    How to choose a rolling jack


    The hydraulic (rolling) jack is a mechanism equipped with wear-resistant wheels, so that the equipment can be easily moved. Other design features of the roll-type lift include a wear-resistant metal frame and a platform on which a car in need of repair is located. The functions of the levers in the rolling jack are performed by special handles.


    The presence of hydraulic oil for smooth operation of the machine is an important criterion when choosing a rolling jack. Also, attention is paid to the lifting height of the load, the carrying capacity of the device, the height of the pickup of the load, the presence of additional structural components - thrust pins, special grips.

    • Availability of hydraulic oil - Due to the presence of sufficient fluid, the jack mechanism is smoothly lowered and raised.
    • Load lifting height - this characteristic must be taken into account when buying a tool, because if the minimum load lifting height is less than the clearance height, the structure will become unusable.
    • Carrying capacity - paying attention to this characteristic, you need to take into account the weight of the car. A jack with a lifting capacity of 2 tons is suitable for lifting a car body in a garage. The carrying capacity of 3 tons is an indicator for SUVs repaired in a garage or service station. If the jack is purchased for an SUV or minibus, then the carrying capacity should be 5 tons. Equipment with such parameters is used only at service stations.